A Review of Swagbucks and How to Make the Most Money From It

Make Swagbucks worth your while

messy pile of 100 dollar bills

1. Save information

Take a screenshot of an offer when you decide to pursue it. This way you can refer back to the reward amount that’s due, its terms for completion, and any other fine print that might change or become inaccessible after having clicked through and signed up for it.

2. Follow up

Set calendar reminders and track when you should receive your rewards by. Most offers state that you have 14 days to contact the Swagbucks Help Center for further investigation if your rewards are not credited within the offer’s allotted time frame. DO NOT MISS THIS TIME FRAME. Of all the offers that I’ve completed, I’ve had to follow up on about 10% of them. There’s no reason to miss out on easy money because of tech flaws.

3. Value your time

There are offers on Swagbucks that are pointless. Their only goal is to entice you to click or download whatever they’re for and make their requirements to achieve any SB as difficult as possible. An example of one is a mobile game offer I completed for 10,000 SB ($100). It took me 19 days to meet its reward requirements (with a deadline of 20 days) and ate so much of my time and focus that I refuse to state the name of the game it was for. They didn’t pay me enough for that shi*t or more advertising. Anywho, don’t bother with those offers. Swagbucks is best when you work smarter, not harder.

The most useful factor of Swagbucks is that for every offer you contemplate completing, there are millions of other people doing the same. If you ever wonder if an offer is actually the attainable cash cow it claims to be or is simply a frustrating energy vampire, there is bound to be a Reddit post or online article to tell you all about someone’s experience with it.

Now, go forth and make some swagbucks!

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