Free Food, Drinks, & More – June 2024

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text: free deals (food, drinks, and more). June 2024

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If “free food” is your middle name, then this is the page for you!

I release a compilation of free food (along with drinks and other items) each month – here are June’s deals.

Most of these rebates have a limit on how many people can redeem them, so if you encounter that any of the below are no longer available or have evolved into BOGO (buy one, get one free) or partially discounted deals, please let me know using my contact form and I’ll update the list accordingly.

Also note that many of the below are via the site Aisle and for some reason, when clicking a link that should lead to one of their specific deals, it will sometimes redirect you to their home page instead. Because of this, all deals are written both as a clickable link (that ideally takes you to said deal) as well as the full typed out link so that you can copy and paste it into your browser if needed.

Free Deals


1 BelliWelli bar

Buy 5, get 4 free BelliWelli Crunchy Peanut Butter Chocolate bars (at Sprouts)

1 pack of Actual Veggies Burgers (up to $7.99)

1 bag of Chubby Snacks

1 Perfect bar

1 bag of Rind

1 four-once bag of Kibo lentil chips (at specific retailers)

1 bag of Like Air Puffcorn

1 cup of MUSH

1 lil’gourmets meal

1 pack of Ocean’s Halo trayless seaweed

2 bags of Undercover Snacks (at Target)

2 bags of Undercover Snacks (at Walmart)

1 bag of You Need This

1 bag of Chifles plantain chips

1 bag of Daily Crunch (at Wegmans)

1 Pitaya Foods smoothie bowl (at Walmart)

1 jar of DEUX

1 From The Ground Up product

1 Mezcla Plant Protein Bar

1 bar of Gatsby Chocolate

1 Sunny Tahini

1 Revol Greens Salad Kit, Salad Blend, or Lettuce (at any retailer)

3 MYBARs (at GNC)

1 bag of Popchips

1 container of Brekki (at Kroger stores)

1 container of Ithaca salsa

1 box of Jovial truffle mac & cheese (at Whole Foods)

1 box of Nature’s Fynd meatless breakfast patties (at Whole Foods)

1 bag of Michele’s Granola (at Whole Foods)

4-pack of goMacro MacroBars (at Target and Walmart)

1 bag of Sea Monsters

1 jar of Botticelli pasta sauce

1 bag of Spritzal cookies (at Kroger)


1 can of Aura Bora sparkling water

1 can or bottle of Richard’s Rainwater

1 can of Eboost

1 can of Culture Pop

1 can of wildwonder

1 can of Halfday iced tea

1 can of Hop Wtr

1 can of Mayawell

3 cans of Gorgie

1 carton of Bored Cow

1 carton of Nutpods

1 Keytone IQ Shot

3 cans of Body IQ (at Lassens and Meijer)

1 six-pack of BUBBL’R sparkling water

1 can of Rowdy Mermaid kombucha or sparkling tonic

1 can of Sound sparkling water

1 can of Sap’s Rapid Rehydration Sports Drink

1 Magic Mind Shot (at Sprouts)

1 Suja Protein Shake (at Target)

2 bottles of Barcode

1 can of C4 Energy

$5 off 2 cans of Rockstar Energy

1 carton of Planet Oat Barista Lovers oat milk

Enter offer code: POBL0224

1 can of De La Calle Tepache (at Target)

3-pack of Underberg bitters (at select retailers in CA and TX)

1 can of Fresh Fizz soda (at Erewhon)

1 can of Leisure (at Mother’s Market)

4-pack of Pirq protein shakes (at select retailers)

1 bag of The Bomb blender bombs (at Harmons)

1 can of GURU peach mango punch

6-pack or 4-pack of Cann (at Total Wine & More in CA and TX)


1 bottle of Natural Stacks ZEN or SLEEP Magnesium Gummies (at Vitamin Shoppe)

1 container of a2 Platinum Infant Formula

1 Repurpose product

1 box of The Bear and The Rat frozen yogurt dog treat (at Sprouts)

1 Just Food For Dogs product (at Albertsons, Pavilions, or Vons)

Please read and follow the instructions and requirements of each rebate to ensure it is received.

Some of these links are referral links, so I may receive a reward or benefit if you complete a rebate using them.

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